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Welcome to Testing Performance

We are an IT Software and System Testing Consultancy

We are specialist service providers in the following areas of IT quality assurance
  • Strategic Test Management
  • Performance Testing and Load Testing Software, Hardware and Networks
  • Performance Modelling and Capacity Planning
  • Security Testing
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Data Reconciliation

Strategic Test Management

We offer a high level consultancy service that includes:
  • Test process improvement analysis
  • Auditing of 3rd party testing methods
  • Driving process improvement intiatives

Performance Testing Services

Our Performance testing and load testing services can help you ensure that that your systems are fit for purpose and will survive peak periods of business activity. Our specialists deliver a service that is efficient, measurable and cost effective. Whilst being independent, we are proficient in the use of all the leading performance testing tools enabling our specialists to use either your company’s tools or ones that we may recommend to suit your requirements.  Testing can be delivered both on-site or remotely where we would use our own high capacity internet servers.
We love a challenge no system is too complicated.

Performance Modelling Services

We are suppliers of the industry leading transaction aware performance modelling software, mBrace. Our consultants are leading performance modellers with years of experience across multiple lines of business.
Transaction Aware Performance Modelling (TAPM) is being exploited by many blue chip companies because it is so cost effective, enabling capacity and performance results without the requirement to build hugely expensive performance test environments.

Firewall Testing Services

We offer testing of Firewalls using Spirent’s hardware testing solutions – Avalanche and ThreatEx. Your firewalls will be tested under load whilst being attacked by the latest and most prevalent viruses. There is no test more robust to ensure the security of your systems and to ensure that your firewall solutions are fit for purpose. The testing can be conducted on-site, in a controlled testing environment, or off-site at a testing lab. This combination of load testing and security testing will provide you with a comprehensive set of test results that clearly demonstrates the performance characteristics of your firewalls.

Network Testing Services

The tools we use for our network testing solutions are hardware based and offer the most robust network tests on the market today. We offer testing over multiple protocols to verify your network and system's performance. The tests offer real-time loads to ensure the integrity of your firewalls, load balance, storage systems, and domain controllers.  The hardware and software solution we offer ensures a repeatable and m load testing service.

Security Testing Services

We offer the most experienced security testing service available. We are vendor independent and provide the required hardware, software and resource to ensure the security and integrity of your system. Our security services range from Ethical Hacking through to Network Security Compliance, ISO27001 Compliance and Penetration Testing.

Automated Software Testing Services

We provide services to help businesses with the end-to-end automated testing process for both functional and non-functional testing projects. We have onshore experts in a variety of automated test tools that can help you define your requirements, identify costs and build a measureable and maintainable automated testing process.

Let's Get started with a Free Proof of Concept!

A free proof of concept (POC) will allow us to understand your requirements, your environment, your budget and your timescales. A POC will also allow you to understand our offering and to meet our people. We will then present our approach and a written proposal. We will also demonstrate the tools and technology we may have used whilst conducting the POC.