Load Testing Services

What is Load Testing?

Load testing is the process of executing a concurrent user load and/or a system load onto a system, at incremented concurrency ramp-up rates, to determine its stability, performance and integrity.

During load testing system components are monitored and correlated with transaction response times.  At a point where a system becomes unstable due to erratic or dramatically extended response times the system will have reached its benchmark.   At this point an analysis should take place to identify the bottlenecks and the tuning required to resolve them.  The results of the analysis may indicate a requirement for vertical or horizontal scaling.

A load test can be executed against an end-to-end IT system or against specific components such as Firewalls or database servers. Typically the goals of load testing are:

  • Benchmark a systems performance i.e. to determine its thresholds before instability occurs
  • Identify and rectify performance issues in iterative cycles of load testing and performance tuning

Load Testing Services

Our load testing service offers the ability to be able to benchmark IT systems.

Most commonly our services are provided onsite at the customer location. However, we also offer the option of load testing services over the internet using our in-house lab’s high-end load injectors.

Our consultants are highly expereince in load testing methodologies and the application of load test tools.


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