About Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is associated with a number of interchangeable names. The performance test can also referred to as a stress test, load testing or volume testing and is the application of a process that verifies the ability of a system to handle varying degrees of concurrent users and system transactions.  The Goals of performance testing are driven by a number of factors that could include business volumetric requirements and service level agreements (SLA) as well as perceived and actual performance risk.

The volumetric requirements and SLAs are typically defined within a Performance Requirements section of a Non Functional Testing Requirements document.  Understanding performance risk helps to prioritise the objectives and scope of the non functional testing. During testing varying degrees of user and system transactions (the performance test workload) are executed concurrently. User and system response times are measured and referenced against the Non Functional requirements. During performance testing, system components are monitored to verify the stability of the system under test and to identity points that require performance tuning these include; The Network Media, System servers, Databases, Messaging providers, Disk arrays, and software components.

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