System Testing Services

What is System Testing?

System Testing is the process of verifying IT system components.  If user acceptance testing (UAT) is black box testing, i.e testing from end to end and unit testing is white box testing i.e testing each component in isolation then system testing could be referred to as gray box testing.  During system testing end to end tests can be conducted.  The results of these tests can measure the end to end functionality and also verify the underlying components of a system.

An example in case - UAT testing would verify that a user could log into an application, a system test would verify that during the login process a database updates a log of the user entering the application.  In this case the end to end functionality is tested as it would be during UAT yet the focus of the test might have been to verify the logging attributes of the application were working correctly.  System testing is traditionally measured against a system’s technical requirements documentation.


Our Company offers System and Application Testing and Load Testing Services.