Volume Testing Services

What is Volume Testing?

This is a term used to describe load testing and performance testing or stress testing.  It is the process of placing concurrent user and or system generated loads onto a system under test.

The goals of volume testing are to determine:

  • - The volume or load at which systems stability degrades.
  • - To identify and then tune issues preventing a system from reaching required service level agreements (SLA) or volumetric targets.

A typical performance test or load testing cycle combines both volume testing and performance tuning to ensure a system reaches its required benchmarks.

Volume Testing Services

Testing Performance offers in-depth performance testing and tuning services. We are able to provide fixed prices to meet your requirements. Our volume testing services include:

  • - Test Management
  • - Volumetric Analysis
  • - Test Strategy and Test Plan Development
  • - Test Tool Comparison, Procurement and Implementations
  • - Building Test Labs
  • - Building Automated Testing Frameworks
  • - Test Script Development
  • - Test Scenario Development
  • - Test Execution
  • - Producing Measureable Test Reports

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