mBrace Performance Modelling - Data Gathering

Noise Measurements

Environment  “noise”, is the resource utilisation overhead that occurs on the servers in the production environment, that is not directly attributable to the active elements of the application under test. Environment noise is usually composed of application and environment management overhead activity due to other applications or the application under test. Whilst the application “noise” of the application under test can be readily established in the test environment, application noise of other applications operating in the production environment are more difficult to establish, but can be measured over a period of several months of data.

Noise Determination

This is principally determined from data collected in the production environment. The following production environment data is required from all servers in the delivery chain:

-    CPU utilisation

-    Disk transfers

-    Number of packets

-    Process information (%CPU, memory and #threads)

It is preferable that these measurements be collected over a period of at least one month.