mBrace Performance Modelling - Data Gathering

Submission of Log files

Log Format

In order to determine which and how many resources were used by a specific transaction, the start and stop times of all transactions are required. The time periods between start and stop times are called “end-to-end” durations of transactions. All “end-to-end” elements are included in the “.ete” file, which can be created manually or generated automatically with a script.

In order to expedite the parsing process it is important to ensure that the collected measurement information is delivered in a standard pre-determined format. The format fields are defined described the underlying table.

Field    Field Data    Description

  1. Date/Time    [yyyy]-[mm]-[dd] [hh]:[mm]:[ss].[msec] (Start time can be denoted up to six decimal places after the comma)
  2. Duration    In seconds.milliseconds (maximum of six decimal places after the comma)
  3. Transaction Type ID    Transaction Type ID
  4. Transaction Description    Description of Transaction ID

Timestamp<TAB>Duration<TAB>Transaction ID <TAB>Transaction Description

Single User Measurement Examples:

Example “.ete” file

2007-07-31 18:37:28.123456    0.186018    1    Start Portal

2007-07-31 18:37:42.44532    1.4432    2    Login Portal

Verification and Submission of .ete-file

Verify that the transaction start and stop times are consistent with the entries in Field1. Start and stop times can be established by converting the Unix timestamp to a Date and Time on the following web site: http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm

The parsing of the measurement data will only be accepted, if the “.ete” file is forwarded to the following web site: https://ete.contentional.eu