mBrace Performance Modelling - Data Gathering

System Configuration

In order to ensure the accuracy of measurements with regard to virtualised environments (for capture of prediction purposes), it is necessary that the virtualisation technology be subject to limitations:


  • Attempt to obtain measurements in a non-virtualised environment.  If a non-virtualised environment is not possible, then the Virtualisation overhead must be established with regards to the specific situation. This can be established with the comparison of transaction measurements captured in a virtualised and non-virtualised environment
  • Ensure that SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) is switched off on the application servers
  • Only physical processor configurations should be used, Logical processors are to be avoided
  • The application under test should operate within a virtualised environment which is isolated from the impacts of other virtualised applications. Isolation should occur at the processor, disk and memory level
  • The number of CPUs assigned should be fixed and dedicated to the application only
  • Logical disks should operate on dedicated physical disks
  • Dedicated memory should be made available to the application under test
  • If running on a virtualised environment, it would be preferable to ensure that other applications are not running simultaneously, to keep unwanted network impact activity to a minimum