mBrace Performance Modelling - Data Gathering

System Monitors

The transaction profiles are established by the server resource metrics and transaction response times obtained in the measurement environment, namely the test environment. The following paragraphs contain descriptions of collection methods which can be used to collect server resource utilisation metrics (CPU usage, disk I/O, memory, etc.) The production environment is often shared by multiple applications. It is therefore important to measure the load of the production environment over a long time period of at least a few months, in time intervals of about 5 minutes. The file format in which log files should be presented to the parsing engineer is described below: YYYYMMDD-[application]-[measurement]-[machine name=""]-[su mu="" bo=""].[measuring-tool]

The following measurement tools are readily available:

• Nmon

• Perfmon

• Sar

• Iostat

• Ps

• sbus

After each measurement, the collected measurement data should be compressed into a .zip file and sent to the mBrace Performance Analyst as soon as possible. Following delivery, measurement collectors are requested not to delete measurement data located on the respective application server platforms unless specifically requested by the mBrace Performance Analyst.