Performance Testing Services

An Overview of a Typical Engagagement

We gather requirements and generate a detailed test strategy. After the strategy has been approved by you we can build the required performance testing lab to inject load onto your system. Then we develop automated test scripts and scenarios and implement monitoring across your system servers and network.

After that we conduct a series of performance tests against your system based on the agreed approach as defined with the test strategy. During testing we hold an open conference call with your key technicians involved in monitoring during testing. After a test is completed all monitored information is collated and correlated with user transaction response times.

Following this, we conduct a detailed analysis of your system and provide a report, which also details suggested tuning changes. We make our reports as readable as possible ensuring that the information provided can be understood by people without a technical background. We also ensure that all the technical analysis is detailed within our test reports as evidence of issues and resolutions.

Testing is available outside of business hours to ensure that there is no disruption to your core business activities.

For web facing systems we can also provide all hardware and software requirements to conduct the tests! We also offer Automated Software Testing Services.

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