Network Testing Services and Performance Modelling

Performance Modelling and Full Scale Network Performance Testing

Performance Modelling and performance testing on scaled environments are very useful and provide very good analysis of potential performance issues.  However, network testing to actual volumes provides the highest level of risk mitigation when verifying the capacity and performance requirements of a system.

The most reliable and risk adverse approach is to load test to the most realistic concurrent volumes.  However, this is not always possible due to environments scalability.  When a performance test environment cannot be scaled to production levels or to at least 40% of the expected production capacity we recommend conducting performance modelling and low level performance testing following a transactional aware approach.

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Load Testing Networks

Where a system can support testing to actual volumes we have a performance testing service to meet your requirements.

Our network testing services provides comprehensive concurrent user simulation of user and system traffic. This can be conducted while concurrently generating threats and attacking traffic at high loads.  We can scale user behaviour to enormous maximum volumes based on your requirements.  This service allows us to measure the transaction response time and service availability of your end users during periods of the highest levels of traffic.

Load testing under real world loads allows us to isolate and resolve problems before your customer encounters them.  Our network load testing service includes all the hardware and software to generate unlimited user loads in a realistic controlled load test.

This service also offers a comprehensive security validation by testing your system while it is experiencing peak load and while some of that load is attacking traffic.