Network Testing- Testing Virtualisation

Network Testing Services- Performance Testing Virtualisation

The industry movement of  data centres to the use of virtualisation has been putting a greater demand on data centre networks.

In a virtualised environment virtual servers with virtual switches and virtual ports commonly reside on single physical units. The challenge when performance testing a virtualised infrastructure is to identify the components that are causing underlying network performance issues.

Testing Performance can provide software that resides on the virtual machine  and provides an unsurpassed view into the entire data centre infrastructure.

Our service allows us to provide an accurate benchmark of virtual server switches and cloud-based virtualisation. Our solution provides rigorous network tests and provides clear visibility of performance bottlenecks on virtualised environments.

With our network testing service we offer the ability to be able to:

* Test virtual switches performance and identify specific issues with virtualisation

* Identify the virtual or physical component that is causing underlying bottlenecks

* Indentify performance insights into virtual switches, load balancers and other virtual components

* Provide comparisons of the networking performance of different server solutions