Load Testing Tools and Performance Testing Tools

What Are Load Testing and Performance Testing Tools?

These are the tools used to automate the performance testing process.
They are used to simulate user and system generated workloads and to collate server monitored data. 
These tools typically provide transaction response times correlated to the server and network monitored statistics collated during test executions. 
Two of the market leading tools are HP’s LoadRunner and Borland’s SilkPerformer.

Loadrunner is the market leading performance test tool, but comes with a price tag to match. Having said that, the community edition comes with 50 virtual users free. This is kind of a gimmick, in reality performance tests are seldom conducted with anything less than 200 users.

SilkPerformer matches and in some areas, exceeds capability of Loadrunner, especially around ease of creating and maintaining test scripts. With a price tag typically around half that of Loadrunner, it makes for a compelling alternative to the market leader. As with anything, go the opposite direction of the crowds and you can get a much better customer experience with strong, accurate support. SilkPerformer customers are generally happier than Loadrunner customers.

JMeter leads the way with Open Source tools with a dedicated community building and sharing plugins that continually extend capability. A couple of major drawbacks, code executed in the browser such as Java Script cannot be handled by JMeter. Basically, you have to take Java Script code and build it into JMeter for local execution. That leads onto the 2nd draw back, ideally you will be a developer or have very strong coding skils to be able to get the best out of this product.

TPNS / WSIM Workload Simulator is an IBM product. It was built in the late 70's and enjoyed dominance as the market leading (only) performance testing tool for over 15 years. Basically, TPNS (TeleProcessing Network Simulator) which is now known as WSIM runs on one mainframe and generates a workload that is located on another mainframe. While it is little used these days, IBM have spent some effort in revamping and improving the tool and it may come back into vogue.  Testing Performance have a number of qualified resources who have in depth, albeit somewhat rusty skills with WSIM. Please contact for further information. 

The use of these tools and the results they produce should be controlled and measured through a Test Strategy. 
The test strategy should detail the tests to be executed and should be measured back against the Non Functional Testing Requirements, SLAs and Volumetric requirements.

Performance Test Tools require a specialised skill set to implement.

Load Testing Tools - Our Services

Testing Performance offers services in Load Testing and Performance Testing Tools.
We are also authorised resellers of a number of the leading products on the market and can help you get a very cost effective price during procurement.
We also can offer a man and tool service.  This is a fixed rate software and service solution for smaller scale engagements.