Browser Compatability


Browser Compatibility Testing Services

User Experience testing across multiple browsers and devices

How does you website work on multiple devices and multiple browsers?
We can help you! We can quickly test and validate the impact browsers and devices have on the user experience.
Our company offers a comprehensive cross browser and device testing service.
Automated test scripts can be quickly generated and executed on multiple devices.
Layout issues and functional issues can be quickly identified and reported back to you for resolution.
Don’t lose business face by releasing a website without cross browser and device testing.
Our reports include the impact your application has on Memory, IO and CPU. We check for CSS layout issues
We can validate end to end business processes Our tests execute on multiple ( non jail broken) devices Services:
For hybrid HTML5 apps and websites we use our lab to test across devices and multiple browsers For IOS and Android and Windows native apps we can your app against multiple devices and operating systems.
We provide statistics per device, operating system for: 
  • Transaction response times
  • The impact of; 3g, 4g, strong Wifi, and Weak Wifi,
  • CPU, IO and memory
  •  Functionality pass and fail rates 
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