On Premises Mobile Testing Lab Solutions

Solution Overview

This is a solution offered by Testing Performance Ltd. The solution offers customers the opportunity to host their own bespoke, on-premises, mobile application - testing lab with supporting services.

The solution accelerates the manual testing; automated testing; performance testing and post production monitoring on mobile applications.

Key Benefits

Parallel Execution

  • Simple GUI scripting interface - no coding required!

  • Test multiple devices and operating systems in parallel.

  • Capture memory and CPU usage information across your Android and iOS devices


Network Virtualisation

Our network virtualisation capabilities allow the customer to validate the user experience under varying network profiles including 3G, 4G and wifi connections. This is a unique capability that addresses the challenge of understanding how an application performs on varying network conditions.



  • The solution doesn't require phones to be jail broken.

  • The lab can be deployed behind the customer's firewalls, ensuring data security.

Cucumber integration

Automatically builds frameworks from Cucumber scenarios.


Post Production Monitoring Capability

  • Monitor real user behavior
  • Verify user experience
  • Expedite route cause analysis
  • Set alerts and dashboards

Scale up with reduced risk

The solution is offered in lab instances, which allows the customer to incrementally scale-up their internal mobile capabilities. A mobile testing lab is built on premises. the solution provides the ability for the customer to:

  • Generate automated testing scripts.

  • Test the impact of network profiles on an application's transaction response times (network virtualisation)

  • Test multiple concurrent devices and platforms in parallel test executions

Scale down with reduced risk

Each instance of lab is offered on an annual subscription basis, which allows the client to scale down the solution, which reduces the risk of producing expensive shelf-ware.

Lab Design

As the customer's Mobile Testing capability grows, multiple instances of the lab can be deployed. The automated test lab is charged on a per instance basis. One instance typically offers:

  • Scripting Accelerator software - no coding required!

  • Four Rack Mounted mobile devices comprised of two iOS and two Android devices - extra devices can be added anytime.

  • Network virtualisation capability.

  • Mobile test automation capability.

  • Unlimited testing of app - within the subscription period.

  • One user access per instance.

  • Deployment of the lab.

  • Training and consultancy support.


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