Mainframe migration validation service

Automated Mainframe Testing Acceleration Service

AMTAS Overview (AMTAS)

AMTAS is a service offered by Testing Performance. It accelerates mainframe migration testing and validation, reducing time to complete the migration process. The service leverage's existing mainframe information to build automated test scripts and test scenarios. AMTAS is fast, flexible and accurate.

Key benefits 

- Test automation brings significant productivity improvements over traditional testing methods, reducing the time and cost to deliver mainframe migrations.

- AMTAS allows for fully automated migration validation of online components with a script-less environment for business users.

- Easily modifiable to position automated application testing into the future.

Additional benefits

- Codeless creation of test automation
  • - Scripts and flows are built without any coding.
- Validation can be executed as many times as required
  • - Once created testing can be executed as many times as required until conversion and validation is complete.
- Test cases built around existing application
  • - Test cases, test scenarios, input data and expected results are derived from existing mainframe application, ensuring that migrated application functionality matches that of the source application.
- Enables an early start to test preparations
  • - Tests can be created and validated before migration starts.
- Documentation
  • - Test cases and business flows are fully documented by AMTAS in common formats.
- Efficiency
  • - Automated test scripts can run unattended overnight with results quickly available to testers and developers.

    AMTAS Process

    The AMTAS process is a staged approach. 

    Stage 1: Screen Definitions

    Mainframe COBOL screen definitions are captured into AMTAS.

    Stage 2: Business Flows

    Business flows are either entered or captured into AMTAS’s Business Flow Designer quickly creating Automation and Test Scenarios.

    Stage 3: Automation Framework 

    The Automation Framework is created once input data and test validation conditions have been applied.

    Stage 4: Test Scripts 

    Test scripts are created in minutes by combining the screen definitions, business flows, input data and validation conditions. 

    Stage 5: Test Execution

    The automation scripts are executed against the existing mainframe application to automatically gather the expected results.

    Going Forward

    As the application evolves, AMTAS keeps the automation up to date.

    • - New or updated screens can be captured.
    • - New or updated business flows can be entered.
    • - Additional input data or test validation conditions can be entered.
    • - Regeneration of the test scripts will incorporate updates to the automation in minutes, allowing retest of the updated application to take place quickly and accurately.

    Micro Focus tools

    The AMTAS service is built around Micro Focus tools, these are:

    • - SilkTest for the test automation
    • - Silk Central Test Manager for test management and test scheduling
    • - Calibre RM to store and manage the test requirements
    • - Rumba for the screen emulation, both mainframe and distributed application.
    • - The use of the tools is included during the migration and validation process, Licences for these tools can be obtained from Micro Focus for any future testing requirements.