Performance Testing Audits

Auditing Your Suppliers' Performance Testing and Load Testing Services

Testing Performance offers an auditing service. This service has been invaluable for our clients to verify the integrity of the work being undertaken by third party suppliers and in house testing services.

Many of our clients use this service to verify the quality of the performance testing and load testing being conducted  by their  solution providers.

We  provide a detailed report back to the business on the following aspects of the performance testing process;

The  test strategy

  • We conduct an analysis of the coverage and measurability within the test strategy

  • We analyse the volumetrics to ensure the requirements are accurate.

The performance test lab

  • We will ensure that it is appropriate and is not impacting on the test results.

  • We measure the available bandwidth and server capacity of the load Injectors against the applied load during testing.

The Scripts and load scenarios

  • We will verify the quality of the scripts to ensure that they have been developed in a measurable, repeatable, and maintainable framework.

  • During this stage we will look at the data that each script is using to ensure that it reflects the expected data types the system under test is expected to receive.

The Test Reports

  • We will then measure the output of the tests against the requirements and test strategy to ensure that the scope of work detailed has been successfully completed by the supplier.

Application of Test Recommendation

  • We will verify that the recommended configuration changes are being applied in the production environments and that they have been effectively documented for the business.