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Website Performance Monitoring

How it works:

Website Performance Monitoring ensures that your website is continually available and performing well.

Automated scripts run to a pre-determined schedule navigating to and around your website.

The performance of your site is monitored.

The availability of pages and page resources is monitored.

Key response times are gathered and compared to benchmark times.  Should an issue be observed, be it with availability, functionality or performance, it will be raised as soon as it has been identified.

The service also offers automated mini-performance tests; this is where a number of virtual users are run against your site and performance indicators are collected and compared to benchmark values.

Any issues are raised when they are identified. These performance tests can be scheduled to suit your requirements.

The service will automatically create reports and can be delivered as required, either on a scheduled basis or upon demand.

The servers used for this service have access to a large bandwidth for load testing services.

Issues identified can be raised via e-mail, text or by phone.


This service offers a very cost effective way of ensuring the availability and quality of your website.